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  • When a number of changes have accumulated, the TWG recommends a new DM2 baseline version be established and released.
  • Since each project have different scope and complexity, there is no standard template for the FCA/PCA checklist.
  • The concepts discussed below facilitate accomplishing this step, using automated tools such as a CM AIS. This handbook views these concepts from both program management point of view and the document control point of view.
  • Figure 6-1 illustrates a top-level activity model of the configuration control process.
  • The administrative lead time required for processing the change for approval is also paramount.
  • In other words, when a problem occurred did it have the latest group of hardware modifications?

As of today, no separate filing guidelines for the form are provided by the issuing department. A chairperson to appoint other members and make final decisions. The Presentation Guidelines – “Fit-for-Purpose” viewpoints, dashboards, decision views, etc. Comments about specific definitions should be sent to the authors of the linked Source publication.


IT infrastructure components must have a representation in the models and standard methods for modeling CIs and their relationships must be defined and applied consistently across the IT organization. Standard methods for modeling services, applications, and components must be established and then creating conceptual logical model of the IT infrastructure. These standard methods and conceptual models will become requirements for modeling the services, application, and IT infrastructure in the system architecture and CMDB. The logical model defines the scope of the CM activities, that is the level of detail that the organization would want to trace the relationships. Initially beginning with a high-level approach by defining several key services and tracing them back to the application to servers and other service components. Modifications to Configuration Management must be approved by the Process Owner.

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Any changes to the document, the Ver- and Date- fields will need to be updated on the CII. The following sections below provides the guidance for assigning Configuration Identification Index and Document Versioning for documentation CIs. The type of SDLC approach (e.g., Agile, COTS, Managed Services, Waterfall) that will be used must be defined to establish the appropriate Configuration Management process to manage the CI.

The Configuration Control Board’s Role in Change Management

Check out our comprehensive list and find the payroll software that fits your business needs. If you need to move, convert or migrate your data, you’ll need the right tools for the job. A prioritized list of SCRs is placed on a schedule for completion. Submit the SCR to your CCB representative for review and digital signature reflecting approval. Do not provide an accurate historical record as a basis for future change. Air Force Technical Order System on July 21, 2020 and used country-wide.

configuration control board

D. Remove draft versions and only final version remain with “Initial release” language in the change history table. B. The first final version of a document will be Version 1.0. Review for completeness (i.e., required fields and recommended fields are complete); correctness (i.e., duplicate CIs, orphan CI relationships, and staleness/old CIs); and compliance (i.e., desired state based on standard configuration for each CI). Final updates to configuration records are made and a new baseline is established once the system is deployed into production.

Security Controls and Services

Therefore Configuration Audit increases software visibility and establishes traceability of changes throughout the development lifecycle and reveals whether the project requirements are being satisfied and whether the preceding baseline has been fulfilled. The audits enable project management to evaluate the integrity of the software product being developed, resolve issues that may have been raised by the audit, and correct defects in the development https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ process. Configuration Audits are conducted prior to software deployment to ensure that the software product has been built and tested according to specified requirements and all items that are designated as part of the configuration are installed as defined by its requirements. Through the configuration control process, the full impact of proposed engineering changes and deviations is identified and accounted for in their implementation.

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A CCB may be composed of lower-level CCBs, called Software CCB , consisting of technical management that is responsible for control and management of CIs within their area of their scope and control. This is a comprehensive list of best scrum project management software. Use this guide to compare and choose the best software for your business. Timing – The effectivity may need to be selected so that a given operational capability will be available at a given time or for a specific event such as a planned deployment of forces or a training exercise.

What Is AFTO Form 872?

The cost of delaying a decision may result in additional obsolete configurations being delivered that will have to be retrofitted. Since each project have different scope and complexity, there is no standard template for the FCA/PCA checklist. However, standard requirements described above, specifically identification of configuration baselined items and status of changes to configuration baselined items, should define FCA/PCA requirements to define the checklist. As part of the change process closure, completed changes may undergo configuration audits and/or software quality assurance to ensure that only approved changes have been made. All tools selected must conform to the enterprise architectural standards and direction.

For NIST publications, an email is usually found within the document. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

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Other functional personnel may be included, as may be dictated by the change and/or program requirements including representatives from other DoD services and other countries (for multi-national programs). CCB membership should consist of, but not be limited to representatives from logistics, training, engineering, production management, contracting, configuration management and other program related functional disciplines. Every element of the structural configuration should be uniquely identified per approved software configuration control procedures. From this point forward, only change requests or proposals that have been approved by the software change control board should be integrated into the structural configuration.

configuration control board

A group of qualified people with responsibility for the process of regulating and approving changes to hardware, firmware, software, and documentation throughout the development and operational life cycle of an information system. Identify and assign an owner for each CI type including subtypes. The CI Owner will be responsible for identifying the information about the CI type, such as what attributes are needed and valid values and/or parameters for each attribute, and the source for gathering the information.

Configuration Control

IT PMOs that develop a Program CM Plan may not be able to leverage on their ACIO CM Plan. A Program CM Plan do not have a specific scope and objective to deliver the service or product within a defined schedule that is required from a project.. Businesses require quality IT services to be provided in an economical manner.